Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13, 2011

   You know there are so many ways God can speak to you! Through pain, happiness, power, worship… SO many ways! And he can bring people to you in such unique ways! For example, I have such wonderful teachers! They are so wise and know their stuff (about God) Like Mrs. Williams last year was there through everything! I remember the day I told her I didn’t have any more health issues she hugged me so tight and told me to run! I was smiling ear to ear of course! That whole class that day she kept smiling at me! I can remember some days I would come in a be really tired and she would make sure I was ok like 50509394839 times! What a sweet lady she is!
   Through her teaching and her great heart I met one of the most amazing girls ever, Katherine Williams! Such an amazing person! So wise and so faithful! I love her so much! I am so not sure how I would be able to make it without my friends like her! God is crazy sometimes on how he gives us people but most of the time it is the best thing that could ever happen!
   This year I have a wonderful Geography teacher who just connects with me! What a wise woman she is! Her daughter is a missionary in Africa and is doing great things for God! Her mothers wisdom helped build her! God provides everything you need… Some days I am just so down then when I go to that class and I am able to talk to her and just tell her about what is going on, I feel better. God gives you people so you can just talk to them! He never has let me go without friends. Even when I thought I was alone I had so many people standing beside me… My savior would be one of them.
   All I am trying to say is that no matter how God puts people into your life, they’re there for a reason and they are going to love you all the way to the end if God has given them to you. Love all the amazing people in my life. Thank you Jesus! 

October 12, 2011

    For all things great come from a great God who sent his son to die for you and erase all of your sins. They are not invisible, they have not just left for a moment to give you a rest… THEY ARE GONE! Vanished into the fire. The pain may still be there from the mistakes but they are only ashes! Let them blow in away in the wind.
   If you think about it sin is a good thing. It teaches you things that you may have never learned through perfection. You may stand with a group of people but in the end you will be alone because if those people aren’t faithful to God what makes you think that they would be faithful to you? If they have never experienced a faithful relationship it is almost positive that they wont change or that they cant be there for you… For me it is I learn by experience! I have to live it all out before I actually understand why it is wrong or something I shouldn’t do.
   Remember when you were little and you would go to McDonalds and they would give you a toy in your happy meal? My mom never let me have mine until I finished eating… Well, lets  say that you really want that toy so you open it up anyway.. Your mom takes it away and you end up with no toy at all! It totally stinks but you understand that you need to obey and listen to your mom… You probably wont open your toy before you eat again will you? You need to do the right thing. But when you make mistakes they make you stronger!
    Strength is something you need to survive! This life gets hard and yes God is going to pull you through but you need to learn to use your own strengths God have given you. He will place pain upon your tray and you will have to rely on him to send you the strength you need!

Who is your provider?
Do you place all of your faith in him?
Do you fully trust him!?
YOU NEED TO! Put everything you are in him!
The God of the universe! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Love unchangable!

God loves you so much and it is very important that you know that! He doesn't make bad things happen to you but he allows them to. He wants you to search for him and find him! He wants you to see how strong he is compared to your small strengths! He wants you to gain in knowledge of him and how he LOVES you. Throughout life the only thing that should matter is his love and your love for him. It just makes me tingle inside to know that I am loved no matter what! Tears even begin to pour down my face! His love carries me so far and so light! <3 Lord you are all I need.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A verse I'd love to share.

 From Psalms: But you, LORD, are a shield around me,
   my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
4 I call out to the LORD,
   and he answers me from his holy mountain.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Tonight, I attended church with some new friends that I met on facebook. They go to my school but they are older so we had not actually met... But anyways, they are super sweet girls and I already feel like I am apart of a family there. The worship was amazing and so open which is what I need so bad in my life right now... I hold everything in thinking that people will judge me because I raise my hands and get into the music... At this place, everyone looks the same: happy, open and worshiping! I have never been to a more spirit filled place in my whole life. You can feel God in the room and his love surrounding each person as they seek him! Our God always supplies us with what we need when we need it. He doesn't always give us what we want which makes us grow stronger in patience, obedience, and our FAITH! If our God loves us, sinners, so much that he can send his only son to die for us, we need to honor him with our life, bodies and our actions. Your body is a temple of the Lord and your faith is how you share that with other people. BE BOLD! Be confident!

"All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved." Matthew 10:22

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Africa: No Go!

So, it is official. I will not be going to Africa this year. I do believe that God is only preparing me for what is to come and teach me obedience. Through this I have learned that I need to obey my parents and God will bless me once I do that... I'm not going to just stop my missionary acts...I might go to New York! New York is in a great need for God's love and a savior. New York is one of the most populated places in the world... I guarantee that there is at least one family of every race on this planet living in New York City!
   So now I ask for prayer that God will allow this trip to happen. What a great experience it will be to see New York and teaching the word of God to millions of people! I will never stop blogging about my missions.... <3 I love how God is using me!

Keeping the Faith!

This morning me and my dad got in a fight about my trip... I can't seem to convince him of what God is trying to do in my life. I think he is more nervous than anything. I am his only child and he is just afraid of me being gone for so long. I know that nothing will happen to me because I have God right beside me! If it wasn't for God I wouldn't have even considered going on this mission trip. I know that this is what God wants me to do with my life. There is no doubt in my aching little heart! I can still remember the moment i decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life. God easily slipped in and said "Ok! This is the path you will take!"
    I pray that Jesus, my savior, you will soften the heart of my father. Show him what God has showed me. Show him how this is what I need to do. Please! In your name Amen!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shooting Star!

Tonight as I was sitting with my parents outside I glanced into the sky and saw a shooting star... It's not like they're rare... But at this moment when I was doubting my faith in God to supply what I need and show me his path... one happened to appear! I knew it was God saying "Everything is going to be alright." He is so amazing and even with the simplest of things ,such as a shooting star, he shows us that everything will work out in his plan. We should never worry about tomorrow, he has been there! He knows what will happen. I don't believe God makes bad things happen to us, but when they do he allows them to change us! He makes our faith stronger by pulling us out of our despair! When we are in the deepest of holes, he reaches in and pulls us out!
    If you think of the love he has for us, you should be amazed! No one could ever love you the way he does. And his care! He cares for you so much that he is willing to send you through every sort of trouble just to show you, HE'S THERE! It's an amazing feeling to have a God who loves you.

just a little quote i came up with "I'm a leader not a follower, but I am a follower of THE leader."


My dad is starting to change his mind about this trip. That then makes my mom think about not letting me go either... I know it is God's will and that he wants me there... But without my parents support I may never get there. In order for my parents to let this happen I think I am going to have to raise some money this week and show them how I CAN DO THIS! So if you would like to donate, you can go on my id name is Sarah Choate

The First Day of many.

Well, today I made it a for sure on my first fundraiser. I called my grandpa and asked him if I could use the facility of the church, and of course he said yes! I am so excited. I need to start getting people gathered for the talent show and I need to find someone who has a trailer for hayrides. I can definetely get some of my youthies to help with face-painting! I am so excited. I cannot wait to see how much money and prayer God is going to provide me with. He has never failed me before and he will not now or ever! I know I am meant to be on this trip or he wouldn't have given me such amazing fundraising ideas! I know that a lot of people will show up at this fall fest! I know a lot of people and my school teachers are so excited that they will bring their families who may invite other families! Plus everyone in Chico, the town of the church, know me and love me! I am so not asking for a lot of money at this fundraiser but we will be taking any donations after the talent show. I think I am going to raise the price to $2 for adult and teen stuff. The children over 7 will have to pay $2 as well.
     Come out and support! Dates and time will be posted sometime in the next week. (:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Fundraiser!

So, it is fall and a lot of church's are having fall fest! I am think that I should have one too! My grandpa he is a preacher at a church and that church loves me! They have had fall fest in the past but nothing like I am planning. I know that each of the women in the church will be willing to cook or contribute in someway so I dont have to worry about that! I am excited because I know so many people with perfect resources to make this happen and make at least $1000! I was thinking about having a talent show and having each contestant pay $1 to enter! They could show off their talent that God has given them to the community! Hayrides are definitely an option! I know people with trailers and that grow hay! Each family would pay $2! Who likes face-painting? I do! Each child (or adult) could have their face painted for just $1! I think that this could really be successful! There will be no charge for food but we will be taking donations at the end of the talent show if we make this happen. All of the money goes towards missions in Africa and helping me get there! Please give me feedback on what you think about this! Thanks!

A Perfect Message!

This morning my pastor preached the perfect message for me. If it is God's will he will provide what you need to succeed. Throughout these 9 months I will lose faith and worry that things might now work out... But if it is his will for me, he will send me. I know that this is my calling. It has been for about 6 years now. Ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to grow up and be a missionary! I just knew! And for the rest of my life I plan to be a missionary! It is so amazing to see what God is doing through me to reach others. I become overwelmed by the power he holds inside of his hands! I have been on mission trips in the past and it is just so amazing when you see children who don't know Jesus when you first meet them, but throughout your time with them you see a transformation! They become a new person! Their sin is covered by the blood of Jesus and they are saved!
   If you would like to donate to me, go to my ID # is 2658724! Even a dollar helps! Thanks!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

God wrote this

In the midst of my trials, you see my pain, my struggles, and you make a way for me,  I can see where I need to be! You can tell when im lost you’re my God you paid the cost, you, you,
 I need your love I need your help your all I need there’s nothing else. You’re my God!

Change my heart change it now cause you are all I need.
In the dark I find my way, you are my escape. I find all I need in you I find it all in you. You!

Oh you change my heart make it new, make it only and always for you, change my heart make it see, all the things it needs to be. Change my hearts cleanse it now; you can make me over somehow. Make me see, you are everything I need to be change my heart Lord change me.

i was sitting here and just started singing words in a perfect harmony.... I wrote them down. God created a song for me.

For today is new

As I posted last night, I was super worried about getting the money for this trip. I am no longer worried. If God wants me in Africa he will get me there! He will provide me with the money I need and plenty of prayer warriors to lead me through. My God is an awesome God and he always provides for me, no matter what. Even if I do not get the money, he will give me another pathway to follow... I trust in my father for everything. Everytime I feel unloved I think of what Jesus did for me... He gave his perfect life so I, a sinner, could live! If that doesn't make you think, I don't know what will.

Verse that has helped me this week : "Cast all of your anxiety upon the Lord, he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Friday, September 30, 2011

Doubting my Faith and Trust.

Tonight, my encouragement officer called me. He told me I had been accepted and that he would be calling me from week to week praying with me and asking about my status in fundraising and other things concerning the trip. I was excited then he brought up additional cost that will be just as much as the trip alone. I have to get International Health Insurance, a passport, a visa (The place I am going requires it) and much more! My dad got so freaked out he left the room while we were on the phone with Michael, my encouragement officer. I am trying to stay possitive and trust my God because if I am meant to be in Ethiopia, I WILL BE THERE! I need a whole lot of prayer to stay strong and that someone money just comes flowing like a river! I love my God and trust in him, it just becomes very hard sometimes.

As soon as I get my ID # you can donate to me online!

A Writers Heart.

I do not mean to post a whole lot I just love writing so much that I get carried away! Writing is very helpful to me... It helps me escape whatever is happening around me and make a whole new situation... When I write I feel free from judgment, and pain. No one has to know you wrote that paper, or this blog... It's your own little secret! You can write what you want but also the truth. You can write how you feel or how you think someone else may feel by just looking at them for awhile.
   When you write there is never a limit on your thoughts, you can make a story about aliens meeting Jesus in the north pole on Thanksgiving. Yeah, it would be a crazy story but you probably would never want it to end.... The bible was written over some time, but every word in there means something... EVERY WORD. It all connects together and shows you how much you can learn by taking 10 minutes every night just to read the word. It will change your life... One verse could take the shades off your eyes and open a whole new prospective. Try reading the word, try writing to open your heart a little more, try God<3

Africa's Rain!

In Africa when it rains, it poors! Literally! People run from the storm because they know that they will get soaked in water and most of them do not own a whole lot of clothes, or a dryer to dry their clothes! So, it is best that they run away! The same thing is for God's holy spirit! When it comes, it just keeps on coming and you definetely feel the power of his love! We all need that love in our lives to be happy I think! Some people seem to be fine with the idea that they do not have a God! I could never go a day thinking, "Well, what am I gonna do?" I AM NEVER ALONE! He is always by my side helping guide me in all the choices I make. The day I was born he set out a plan for my life, he said "She will live for me!" and I am! I love my God so much. If he loves me enough to send someone so perfect as his son, Jesus, to die for me I need to do my best to serve him! Everyone have a blessed day!
Sometimes life doesn't make sense... but we gotta keep the faith. God is always good. Even when we don't have the eyes to see it. - Katherine Williams.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

You mean something!

In all of this I have realized that I have a very special value! I mean a lot in this world whether other people see it or not. My God has given me something special that no one else has I just haven't figured out what it is yet. He is leading me all the way and I will never stop following him! He loves me no matter what I do even when it puts his name down, or makes him sad. Every time I think about what he did for me on the cross I start crying because I deserve every bit of that pain. Jesus, he was perfect! He didn't look perfect, but he was. He never sinned, he loved everyone, he healed the blind, the deaf, the lame... He changed many lives because he was himself and did what God had called him to do. We may look perfect on the outside, but we aren't. We are sinners and we do not deserve for Jesus to love us! We deserve death, pain, hardships! But, Jesus, he is our savior and he wants us to be here and serve him! Do your best to please God. Your never going to be perfect like Jesus! Your human! So was he, but he was different human. He was the son of God! The creator! He loved everyone who came into his life even before he met them! How amazing is that? I cant even love someone who just aggravates me to the point I want to slap them... That is one place I need help in! I tend to judge people before I ever get to know them! Jesus never judged anyone but himself!
     One thing I want you to get from the post is that Jesus will love you no matter what. He will continue to lead you whether you are following him or not. His love will always be there for you! You will never be perfect on the outside, but you can get pretty close on the inside! Trust God and no one else, You will go far!

"You have been given a value that is untouchable." Andrew Stevens.

A new day!

As I posted last night, my two best friends got saved! People today at school are still judging them for their past. Please pray that as the day goes on, people will notice the change as I did and our Father did!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus, in our lives!

A few days ago my bestfriend was going through a lot so I asked her to come with me to our revival services. She was unsure but she made the right choice to come. While I was trying to find her, I asked another close friend to help me find her... I told her why and she asked if she could go too. I of course couldn't deny her. We loaded up and had a great time after school just having some fellowship... Once we got to church and I heard the speaker, I knew something great was going to happen.... As most preachers do at the last night, they have an invitation for anyone who has never asked Christ to be apart of their life. I was watching as we prayed for my Best friend, Carlee to lift her hand. I was hoping that Brooklynn, my other friend would too. I saw that she hadnt but they both were crying. I reached out for Carlee's hand. Through this I started bawling my eyes out! Please pray that as both of them move on from their past people will not judge them for what they have done but gain a new prospective as God has and as I will! I love them with all my heart and help them continue on with their new journey!

A day of celebration!

Today, at school, I got to tell all of my friends that it is official! I am so exited and cannot wait to start fundraising! God is doing such wonderful things in my life right now. Ethiopia is such a place in need of Jesus and his love. They're super poor and most of them have deformities, I will be going to a place full of people with lepercy, hunger and loss of parents. It is a very sad situation but God is using me for all the right things! Where you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay, where you move I'll move, I WILL FOLLOW YOU!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A New Journey!

Today, I found out this summer I will be traveling across the big blue ocean to a place called Ethiopia. It is in Africa, a place I have always dreamed about going to! Two days ago you could have asked me if I ever saw my self there, I would have said no. I have always wanted to go there, but never ever thought it would actually happen. God is an amazing God and will always have my back. I will follow his path's he has set out before me. Wherever I go it will all be for him. "For I know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. This verse is very true. God will be beside you in everything that you do.