Friday, September 30, 2011

Africa's Rain!

In Africa when it rains, it poors! Literally! People run from the storm because they know that they will get soaked in water and most of them do not own a whole lot of clothes, or a dryer to dry their clothes! So, it is best that they run away! The same thing is for God's holy spirit! When it comes, it just keeps on coming and you definetely feel the power of his love! We all need that love in our lives to be happy I think! Some people seem to be fine with the idea that they do not have a God! I could never go a day thinking, "Well, what am I gonna do?" I AM NEVER ALONE! He is always by my side helping guide me in all the choices I make. The day I was born he set out a plan for my life, he said "She will live for me!" and I am! I love my God so much. If he loves me enough to send someone so perfect as his son, Jesus, to die for me I need to do my best to serve him! Everyone have a blessed day!
Sometimes life doesn't make sense... but we gotta keep the faith. God is always good. Even when we don't have the eyes to see it. - Katherine Williams.

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