Friday, September 30, 2011

Doubting my Faith and Trust.

Tonight, my encouragement officer called me. He told me I had been accepted and that he would be calling me from week to week praying with me and asking about my status in fundraising and other things concerning the trip. I was excited then he brought up additional cost that will be just as much as the trip alone. I have to get International Health Insurance, a passport, a visa (The place I am going requires it) and much more! My dad got so freaked out he left the room while we were on the phone with Michael, my encouragement officer. I am trying to stay possitive and trust my God because if I am meant to be in Ethiopia, I WILL BE THERE! I need a whole lot of prayer to stay strong and that someone money just comes flowing like a river! I love my God and trust in him, it just becomes very hard sometimes.

As soon as I get my ID # you can donate to me online!

A Writers Heart.

I do not mean to post a whole lot I just love writing so much that I get carried away! Writing is very helpful to me... It helps me escape whatever is happening around me and make a whole new situation... When I write I feel free from judgment, and pain. No one has to know you wrote that paper, or this blog... It's your own little secret! You can write what you want but also the truth. You can write how you feel or how you think someone else may feel by just looking at them for awhile.
   When you write there is never a limit on your thoughts, you can make a story about aliens meeting Jesus in the north pole on Thanksgiving. Yeah, it would be a crazy story but you probably would never want it to end.... The bible was written over some time, but every word in there means something... EVERY WORD. It all connects together and shows you how much you can learn by taking 10 minutes every night just to read the word. It will change your life... One verse could take the shades off your eyes and open a whole new prospective. Try reading the word, try writing to open your heart a little more, try God<3

Africa's Rain!

In Africa when it rains, it poors! Literally! People run from the storm because they know that they will get soaked in water and most of them do not own a whole lot of clothes, or a dryer to dry their clothes! So, it is best that they run away! The same thing is for God's holy spirit! When it comes, it just keeps on coming and you definetely feel the power of his love! We all need that love in our lives to be happy I think! Some people seem to be fine with the idea that they do not have a God! I could never go a day thinking, "Well, what am I gonna do?" I AM NEVER ALONE! He is always by my side helping guide me in all the choices I make. The day I was born he set out a plan for my life, he said "She will live for me!" and I am! I love my God so much. If he loves me enough to send someone so perfect as his son, Jesus, to die for me I need to do my best to serve him! Everyone have a blessed day!
Sometimes life doesn't make sense... but we gotta keep the faith. God is always good. Even when we don't have the eyes to see it. - Katherine Williams.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

You mean something!

In all of this I have realized that I have a very special value! I mean a lot in this world whether other people see it or not. My God has given me something special that no one else has I just haven't figured out what it is yet. He is leading me all the way and I will never stop following him! He loves me no matter what I do even when it puts his name down, or makes him sad. Every time I think about what he did for me on the cross I start crying because I deserve every bit of that pain. Jesus, he was perfect! He didn't look perfect, but he was. He never sinned, he loved everyone, he healed the blind, the deaf, the lame... He changed many lives because he was himself and did what God had called him to do. We may look perfect on the outside, but we aren't. We are sinners and we do not deserve for Jesus to love us! We deserve death, pain, hardships! But, Jesus, he is our savior and he wants us to be here and serve him! Do your best to please God. Your never going to be perfect like Jesus! Your human! So was he, but he was different human. He was the son of God! The creator! He loved everyone who came into his life even before he met them! How amazing is that? I cant even love someone who just aggravates me to the point I want to slap them... That is one place I need help in! I tend to judge people before I ever get to know them! Jesus never judged anyone but himself!
     One thing I want you to get from the post is that Jesus will love you no matter what. He will continue to lead you whether you are following him or not. His love will always be there for you! You will never be perfect on the outside, but you can get pretty close on the inside! Trust God and no one else, You will go far!

"You have been given a value that is untouchable." Andrew Stevens.

A new day!

As I posted last night, my two best friends got saved! People today at school are still judging them for their past. Please pray that as the day goes on, people will notice the change as I did and our Father did!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus, in our lives!

A few days ago my bestfriend was going through a lot so I asked her to come with me to our revival services. She was unsure but she made the right choice to come. While I was trying to find her, I asked another close friend to help me find her... I told her why and she asked if she could go too. I of course couldn't deny her. We loaded up and had a great time after school just having some fellowship... Once we got to church and I heard the speaker, I knew something great was going to happen.... As most preachers do at the last night, they have an invitation for anyone who has never asked Christ to be apart of their life. I was watching as we prayed for my Best friend, Carlee to lift her hand. I was hoping that Brooklynn, my other friend would too. I saw that she hadnt but they both were crying. I reached out for Carlee's hand. Through this I started bawling my eyes out! Please pray that as both of them move on from their past people will not judge them for what they have done but gain a new prospective as God has and as I will! I love them with all my heart and help them continue on with their new journey!

A day of celebration!

Today, at school, I got to tell all of my friends that it is official! I am so exited and cannot wait to start fundraising! God is doing such wonderful things in my life right now. Ethiopia is such a place in need of Jesus and his love. They're super poor and most of them have deformities, I will be going to a place full of people with lepercy, hunger and loss of parents. It is a very sad situation but God is using me for all the right things! Where you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay, where you move I'll move, I WILL FOLLOW YOU!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A New Journey!

Today, I found out this summer I will be traveling across the big blue ocean to a place called Ethiopia. It is in Africa, a place I have always dreamed about going to! Two days ago you could have asked me if I ever saw my self there, I would have said no. I have always wanted to go there, but never ever thought it would actually happen. God is an amazing God and will always have my back. I will follow his path's he has set out before me. Wherever I go it will all be for him. "For I know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. This verse is very true. God will be beside you in everything that you do.