Friday, September 30, 2011

Doubting my Faith and Trust.

Tonight, my encouragement officer called me. He told me I had been accepted and that he would be calling me from week to week praying with me and asking about my status in fundraising and other things concerning the trip. I was excited then he brought up additional cost that will be just as much as the trip alone. I have to get International Health Insurance, a passport, a visa (The place I am going requires it) and much more! My dad got so freaked out he left the room while we were on the phone with Michael, my encouragement officer. I am trying to stay possitive and trust my God because if I am meant to be in Ethiopia, I WILL BE THERE! I need a whole lot of prayer to stay strong and that someone money just comes flowing like a river! I love my God and trust in him, it just becomes very hard sometimes.

As soon as I get my ID # you can donate to me online!

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