Friday, September 30, 2011

A Writers Heart.

I do not mean to post a whole lot I just love writing so much that I get carried away! Writing is very helpful to me... It helps me escape whatever is happening around me and make a whole new situation... When I write I feel free from judgment, and pain. No one has to know you wrote that paper, or this blog... It's your own little secret! You can write what you want but also the truth. You can write how you feel or how you think someone else may feel by just looking at them for awhile.
   When you write there is never a limit on your thoughts, you can make a story about aliens meeting Jesus in the north pole on Thanksgiving. Yeah, it would be a crazy story but you probably would never want it to end.... The bible was written over some time, but every word in there means something... EVERY WORD. It all connects together and shows you how much you can learn by taking 10 minutes every night just to read the word. It will change your life... One verse could take the shades off your eyes and open a whole new prospective. Try reading the word, try writing to open your heart a little more, try God<3

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