Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus, in our lives!

A few days ago my bestfriend was going through a lot so I asked her to come with me to our revival services. She was unsure but she made the right choice to come. While I was trying to find her, I asked another close friend to help me find her... I told her why and she asked if she could go too. I of course couldn't deny her. We loaded up and had a great time after school just having some fellowship... Once we got to church and I heard the speaker, I knew something great was going to happen.... As most preachers do at the last night, they have an invitation for anyone who has never asked Christ to be apart of their life. I was watching as we prayed for my Best friend, Carlee to lift her hand. I was hoping that Brooklynn, my other friend would too. I saw that she hadnt but they both were crying. I reached out for Carlee's hand. Through this I started bawling my eyes out! Please pray that as both of them move on from their past people will not judge them for what they have done but gain a new prospective as God has and as I will! I love them with all my heart and help them continue on with their new journey!

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