Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Fundraiser!

So, it is fall and a lot of church's are having fall fest! I am think that I should have one too! My grandpa he is a preacher at a church and that church loves me! They have had fall fest in the past but nothing like I am planning. I know that each of the women in the church will be willing to cook or contribute in someway so I dont have to worry about that! I am excited because I know so many people with perfect resources to make this happen and make at least $1000! I was thinking about having a talent show and having each contestant pay $1 to enter! They could show off their talent that God has given them to the community! Hayrides are definitely an option! I know people with trailers and that grow hay! Each family would pay $2! Who likes face-painting? I do! Each child (or adult) could have their face painted for just $1! I think that this could really be successful! There will be no charge for food but we will be taking donations at the end of the talent show if we make this happen. All of the money goes towards missions in Africa and helping me get there! Please give me feedback on what you think about this! Thanks!

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