Saturday, October 1, 2011

God wrote this

In the midst of my trials, you see my pain, my struggles, and you make a way for me,  I can see where I need to be! You can tell when im lost you’re my God you paid the cost, you, you,
 I need your love I need your help your all I need there’s nothing else. You’re my God!

Change my heart change it now cause you are all I need.
In the dark I find my way, you are my escape. I find all I need in you I find it all in you. You!

Oh you change my heart make it new, make it only and always for you, change my heart make it see, all the things it needs to be. Change my hearts cleanse it now; you can make me over somehow. Make me see, you are everything I need to be change my heart Lord change me.

i was sitting here and just started singing words in a perfect harmony.... I wrote them down. God created a song for me.

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