Monday, October 3, 2011

The First Day of many.

Well, today I made it a for sure on my first fundraiser. I called my grandpa and asked him if I could use the facility of the church, and of course he said yes! I am so excited. I need to start getting people gathered for the talent show and I need to find someone who has a trailer for hayrides. I can definetely get some of my youthies to help with face-painting! I am so excited. I cannot wait to see how much money and prayer God is going to provide me with. He has never failed me before and he will not now or ever! I know I am meant to be on this trip or he wouldn't have given me such amazing fundraising ideas! I know that a lot of people will show up at this fall fest! I know a lot of people and my school teachers are so excited that they will bring their families who may invite other families! Plus everyone in Chico, the town of the church, know me and love me! I am so not asking for a lot of money at this fundraiser but we will be taking any donations after the talent show. I think I am going to raise the price to $2 for adult and teen stuff. The children over 7 will have to pay $2 as well.
     Come out and support! Dates and time will be posted sometime in the next week. (:

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