Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 12, 2011

    For all things great come from a great God who sent his son to die for you and erase all of your sins. They are not invisible, they have not just left for a moment to give you a rest… THEY ARE GONE! Vanished into the fire. The pain may still be there from the mistakes but they are only ashes! Let them blow in away in the wind.
   If you think about it sin is a good thing. It teaches you things that you may have never learned through perfection. You may stand with a group of people but in the end you will be alone because if those people aren’t faithful to God what makes you think that they would be faithful to you? If they have never experienced a faithful relationship it is almost positive that they wont change or that they cant be there for you… For me it is I learn by experience! I have to live it all out before I actually understand why it is wrong or something I shouldn’t do.
   Remember when you were little and you would go to McDonalds and they would give you a toy in your happy meal? My mom never let me have mine until I finished eating… Well, lets  say that you really want that toy so you open it up anyway.. Your mom takes it away and you end up with no toy at all! It totally stinks but you understand that you need to obey and listen to your mom… You probably wont open your toy before you eat again will you? You need to do the right thing. But when you make mistakes they make you stronger!
    Strength is something you need to survive! This life gets hard and yes God is going to pull you through but you need to learn to use your own strengths God have given you. He will place pain upon your tray and you will have to rely on him to send you the strength you need!

Who is your provider?
Do you place all of your faith in him?
Do you fully trust him!?
YOU NEED TO! Put everything you are in him!
The God of the universe! 

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